Quadt Kunststoffapparatebau GmbH

Quadt plastic apparatus engineering specialises in planning and manufacturing thermoplastic tanks, pipelines, submersible chemical pumps and diverse accessories, such as rain traps and demisters. Our plastics are processed in state-of-the-art production lines which meet the highest quality standards.

System engineering

You describe your requirements, we provide suitable solutions for plastic system installation, pipeline and apparatus engineering.
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Tank construction

Round, square or electroplating tanks and plastic drip trays are used, depending on the operating conditions.
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Submersible industrial pumps

Simply tell us about your specific conveyance problem.
Rest assured, we also have the right industrial pump for you.
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Separator systems

Quadt corrosion-resistant rain traps or demisters are used for tasks such as drawing in air or expelling exhaust air.
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Sector-specific solutions

The right solution for every sector.

Quadt plastic system installations and tanks.

We mainly focus on building plastic system installations for a wide variety of industrial sectors: our qualified employees will implement your projects precisely with special care while working to the highest quality requirements at all times, whether your project involves surface engineering, water treatment, or system installations for the public sector.


With us, you can obtain all services from a single provider: we'll assist you at all stages, from the initial idea, planning and prototype development through to actual manufacture.
As we do so, our many years' experience allow us to produce individual single items or implement serial production solutions.

Service Centre

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