Plastic round tanks

Every customer and every company have their own individual ideas and specifications for the round tank they require – sometimes the size and fittings are crucial; at other times, heat resistance and load requirements take greater priority. No matter what you need a plastic round tank for, we are the experts in tank construction and have the right solution for you.

Precisely matched to your individual needs, the round tank shape and structure are manufactured as per specifications while taking into account technical requirements at all times. When selecting the plastic, we base our choice on the tank's subsequent specific use and take different factors into account which our round tanks must be able to handle.

These include:

  • Temperature conditions
  • Static load and payload
  • Embedded fluid
  • Function and process factors
  • Food safety or similar

Other customer specifications, such as a specified service life or the plastic used needing to be flame-resistant, are already incorporated into the round tank design at the planning stage. This allows us to deliver stable, robust round tanks to you which are maintenance-free as far as possible and feature a quality that you can rely on.

Rectangular or round tank?

The advantage that round tanks have compared to rectangular tanks, is that they are able to resist static loads such as those from agitators more effectively, so procurement costs are lower.

Whether manufactured as a unique piece or as a mass-produced product, our round tanks, just like our rectangular tanks, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to their individual construction and custom-fit design, plastic tanks can be used as storage tanks, mixing tanks or catchment tanks.

We offer our round tanks in different sizes up to DN4000 for aggressive liquids. On request, we will also handle the whole transport process, including all authorisations for special oversize loads.

A selection of our round tanks