Sector-specific solutions

Chemical industry

Our plastic products are successfully used in the chemical industry. They are resistant to aggressive liquids and hazardous fluids. Round tanks and rectangular tanks are used for storing chemicals and piping systems for transporting them.

Our submersible chemical pumps are resistant to corrosion and chemicals thanks to the use of high-grade materials.

Quadt demisters are used to purify exhaust air in separator systems. The condensate can then be returned to the production process again. This means hazardous chemicals are taken away and are not released into the environment. This allows us to make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Our dosing cabinets are frequently used in laboratories in the chemical industry and are suitable as both splash protection and spill trays for aggressive fluids in the event of a malfunction.

Public sector

Thanks to our accreditation as a certified specialist company as per the German Water Resources Act, we are able to build or repair any system used to handle, decant or store water-polluting liquids.

Our plastic systems installations, piping systems and submersible pumps are used to treat water and waste water in public waterworks and swimming pools. They are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

Surface engineering

Our products are made out of high-grade plastics for surface treatment applications. Our tanks and pumps are resistant to aggressive liquids and hazardous fluids. Corrosion-resistant, they can be used in a wide variety of fields.

All our products have a long service life thanks to our mature production processes. As can be expected, our work practices comply with the German Water Resources Act and we are authorised to produce systems which handle water-polluting liquids.

Water treatment

Contaminated waste water is produced wherever aggressive liquids are used. Such waste water needs to be purified and re-used if possible.

Quadt plastic systems installations are used in sewage treatment plants and in industrial enterprises. Our thermoplastics are resistant to different liquids and offer a very long service life and exceptional corrosion resistance. You can rely on their high quality. We optimise water cycles, thus helping to reduce water consumption and protect the environment.

Our pump technology can convey polluted and contaminated water through a range of filter systems. This ensures hazardous substances are absorbed and the cleaned water is returned to the water cycle. This is the only way that we can guarantee that we meet our high standard in environmental protection.

We will also gladly supply you with filter pipe underdrains for drinking water treatment to replace existing filter underdrains used to remove iron or manganese from water, for example.

Environmental technology

Quadt products are used as environmental technology in different sectors. In industry and separator systems, they are successfully used to clean aggressive chemicals from exhaust air. Purified air does not have an adverse effect on the environment. The hazardous condensate is conveyed away and stored in tanks or sometimes returned to the production process. Gas scrubbers are resistant and durable.

Quadt plastic systems installations are also successfully used in water treatment. Corrosion-resistant plastics guarantee optimum filtering. As a certified company accredited as per the German Water Resources Act, we are able to manufacture tanks, piping systems and systems for water and waste water treatment, thus making an important contribution to protecting the environment.