Compatible for use in a wide variety of applications, our high-quality demisters are manufactured in PE-HD, PP-H, PPs or PVDF. They are used to clean horizontal or vertical gas flows of liquid droplets or other particles. They can also be tailor-manufactured to customer requirements. Their use in exhaust air systems contributes significantly in helping to protect the environment. You will also find our demisters here.

Clean exhaust fumes safely

In demisters, liquid droplets contained in exhaust fumes adhere to profile walls and are then discharged as condensate. They can often be channelled back into production, thus conserving important resources. Possible areas of use include the chemical industry, the textile industry, the paper industry, sewage treatment plants, drying technology, electroplating systems or battery technology.

It goes without saying that we also produce rain traps.

Advantages of demisters

  • High filtration efficiency of up to 99%
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Virtually no pressure loss
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Optionally available with aerosol demister to separate ultra-fine particles

Info box

Dimensions are variable. Our demisters are suitable for air supply and exhaust ducts and have a filtration efficiency of up to 99%, depending on the droplet size and air speed. They can be manufactured with or without reinforcement.