Rain traps

Quadt rain traps are made of PE-HD, PPs or PVC. They are used to perform tasks such as drawing in air or blowing out exhaust air. Due to their built-in special profiles, rain traps are able to prevent rainwater from penetrating by trapping rainwater and channelling it onto the roof or into the drainage system. You will also find the different rain trap designs here.

Quality and service life

Our separators impress due to their particularly low installation height and are thus an architecturally appealing alternative to conventional moulded suction components. Rain traps are particularly suitable for use on flat roofs, unlike deflector hoods, for example, since they do not detract from the external appearance of the roof. It goes with saying that you will receive the flange required to install the trap directly from us as well.

Since Quadt rain traps are manufactured in thermoplastic, they are resistant to corrosion, have a very long service life and have been in use for over 30 years now. Naturally, we also have demisters in our range.

Advantages of rain traps

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life – in use for 30 years
  • High filtration efficiency of 99%
  • Low installation height, thus ideal for flat roofs
  • Easy installation

Info box

Rain traps can be custom-manufactured in an extensive variety of dimensions and used to blow out exhaust air vertically or horizontally while also taking in outdoor air horizontally at the same time. Horizontal air expulsion is particularly recommended for areas with frequent snowfall. Obviously, all rain traps also have a high filtration efficiency of up to 99%.

A selection of our rain traps