Specialist company as per the German Water Resources Act

The quality of our products and our customers' satisfaction take priority in our work. As a certified specialist enterprise we comply with all requirements that this law requires of a plastics-processing company.

Our tanks and systems are designed and built as per the German Welding Society's guidelines and German Water Resources Act specifications on storing water-polluting substances. We are thus authorised to install, construct and repair systems to handle, decant or store water-polluting liquids.

We deliver quality as standard

We also have our high quality standards audited and monitored by inspection and certification company TÜV Rheinland on a regular basis. This enables us to guarantee consistently high quality in our plastic tanks.
Our qualified technical staff are certified plastic welders tested by the German Welding Society. They are acquainted with and consistently implement all manufacturing requirements specified in German and European standards.

All systems and tanks at Helmut Breuer GmbH are manufactured as per the German Water Resources Act and always meet customers' requirements. Environmental protection takes a high priority for us, so it takes a central role in our work and production.