Rectangular tanks made of plastic

Plastic rectangular tanks are used especially if a large usable volume is needed or the installation space is particularly small. Unlike round tanks, rectangular tanks provide an optimal usable surface despite the reduced space and can be used in a variety of ways in tank engineering.

Plastic rectangular tanks are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Perfectly matched to environmental conditions, our tanks are manufactured to customer specifications and technical requirements. Depending on the plastic tank's specific use and size, we decide on the tank's structural design on an individual basis and take on each great challenge this involves. When choosing the material, we obviously take the operating conditions into account, such as temperature and what liquid needs to be stored.

High-grade and reliable

Plastic rectangular tank designs almost always require reinforcement with a steel frame. Our rectangular tanks are always given a jacket welded fully air-tight to prevent corrosion damage, often caused by chemical fluids in the surrounding area. This guarantees a long service life and safe use for tanks and saves on potential costly repairs at a later date.
Our rectangular tanks excel due to their excellent quality and superior workmanship. We pay particular attention when carrying out the structural analysis. This is because we are only able to guarantee maximum service life and optimum resistance for your rectangular tank if we know precisely what it needs to do.

No matter whether you require a unique piece or batch production, rest assured you are making the right choice with rectangular tanks from Quadt. See our high quality and first-class service for yourself and ask for a customised quote for your plastic rectangular tank here and now.

Quadt rectangular tanks

Our plastic rectangular tanks are available in different designs for different purposes:

There are different additional components for both our rectangular tanks and our plastic round tanks, specially matched to your individual requirements. These include:

  • Pump mounting brackets
  • Partition walls for cascades
  • Agitators
  • Piping

Quadt plastic tanks always offer high quality, no matter whether you require one-time items, custom-made products or mass production. All our tanks and drip trays are tested to check they are leak-tight and obviously comply with the German Water Resources Act. Once production is complete, we will install your tank on your premises on request. It's all part of the service.

A selection of our rectangular tanks