Plastic systems engineering

As a plastic system installations manufacturer, we have specialised in the construction of customised systems using a wide variety of plastics. Thanks to our many years' experience on the market, we are in a position to fulfil your special needs and give you exactly the product that you need. We are looking forward to helping you with our technical knowledge and expertise and provide you with an innovative, cost-effective solution to your problem.

Whether you need a storage tank or a processing tank for production purposes, everything must work completely smoothly and interact perfectly at all times. High standards are essential, particularly if air and water pollution as well as workplace safety need to be taken into account. Problems soon arise if different workflows and processes need to be automated and simplified. We have many years' experience in what is required for filling, dosing, mixing and storing liquids. How your special system is designed and what components it is made up of depends very much on the specific application. The solution is tailored precisely to your needs.

We manufacture complete systems and special apparatus in thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PVDF, PVC and PPs as well as electrically conductive materials. These include systems to keep air clean. Gas scrubbers are increasingly used in this field. They clean harmful exhaust gases, such as those emitted in the chemical, pharmaceutical and metalworking industries and from other chemical processes, and remove environmentally harmful elements.

Contaminated gases, such as those emitted during electroplating or from chemical laboratories, may attack or even destroy materials such as steel or stainless steel when exhaust air is extracted. In contrast, corrosion-resistant plastics are eminently suitable for such exhaust air systems and can be used in a variety of ways.

Thanks to consistent further development over recent years, these materials are now used for entire pipe installation structures or also for fittings in supply shafts. Since plastics have an excellent service life, high maintenance costs are not usually incurred. Even disposing of chemical fluids does not present a problem due to the robustness and high resistance in plastics.

Quadt – your specialist in plastic systems engineering

As a specialist company certified as per the German Water Resources Act, we are also authorised to manufacture plastic systems for water-polluting liquids. This way, we guarantee that you will always receive robust and, above all, safe plastic tanks which stand out due to their long service life. We devise solid plastic solutions as per your specifications for virtually all production areas, providing the right solution for your every need. Just ask us and obtain your technologically superior plastic system installation from Quadt!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Low procurement costs compared to systems made of steel or stainless steel
  • Long service life for the material thanks to high mechanical resilience and corrosion resistance
  • Top quality from Quadt with an optimum price/performance ratio
  • Quick processing guaranteed