Piping construction

Piping construction refers to the building of pipelines which are used to transport liquids or gas. The pipelines produced are often used in utilities such as those in the public sector or in plant engineering.

Electroplating systems or gas and water supply often require pipelines which are able to resist the toughest conditions. Waste water containing acid may damage metal or stainless steel pipelines since these materials are generally not corrosion-resistant and thus start to rust after some time. In contrast, plastics not only stand out due to their special technical characteristics such as mouldability, hardness and elasticity, but also thanks to their rupture strength and exceptionally high chemical resistance. This enables plastic pipelines to endure tough thermal and ambient conditions more effectively than metal pipelines.

Why Quadt?

Aggressive and hazardous liquids can be swiftly and reliably conveyed through our high-grade plastic pipelines. This, we can guarantee thanks to our technical expertise and quality awareness. All our piping systems are highly resistant to aggressive liquids such as acids or alkali solutions. We will deliver precisely the piping system that you need, perfectly matched to your specific building structure, while taking into account applicable regulations at all times. We will design and build a tailor-made system. In doing so, we guarantee the highest standards of safety and efficiency for your pipelines and will gladly assist you with our expertise and know-how at all times.

Our services in piping construction:

  • Planning and implementation of your plastic piping system (with resistance to aggressive and hazardous liquids)
  • Design and construction of your system
  • Modification or extension of an existing system
  • Valve and piping system maintenance and repair
  • Assembly on site on request