Apparatus engineering

We manufacture apparatus in acid-resistant thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PVDF, PVC and PPs as well as electrically conductive materials, such as PPs-el and PE-el.

Plastic dosing tanks for standard-compliant chemical pumps are included in our range as are batching tanks and tanks for mixing and dosing. We also manufacture separator housing, special receiver tanks, immersion tanks and filter pipe flooring.

Plastic dosing tanks

Plastic dosing tanks are suitable for standard-compliant chemical pumps, block pumps and centrifugal pumps for self-priming. Centrifugal pumps are normal-priming pumps in most cases. The pump and suction line thus need to be filled with pump liquid before starting operation. This means that a non-return valve needs be provided in the suction line above the liquid fill level when the pump is set up.

Installing a dosing tank in the suction line ensures that the pump is self-priming and there is then no need for a non-return valve, which can be prone to malfunction.
After the dosing tank is filled once with the conveyed medium, there is no problem with putting the pump into operation immediately after it has been shut off. Dosing tanks are series-manufactured in polypropylene (PP-H) and polyethylene (PE-HD).

They can be delivered in two designs for subsequent negative pressures and max. operating temperatures:

  • Negative pressure 0.9 bar: PP-H +90 °C/PE-HD +60 °C
  • Negative pressure 0.5 bar: PP-H +90 °C/PE-HD +60 °C

Filter pipe underdrains

We manufacture filter pipe underdrains made of PVC-U piping with water flushing piping and air flushing piping. Thanks to our German Water Resources Act certification, our filter pipe underdrains can also be used for drinking water treatment for poor-quality raw water. Such raw water contains high concentrations of ammonium, iron and manganese. We'll gladly undertake professional renovation of your fast filters and concrete filters in places such as waterworks.

Dosing cabinets

Dosing cabinets are small, compact, self-contained systems. They offer protection against splashing and also act as drip tray for aggressive fluids in the event of a malfunction. We manufacture the pipework to customer requirements. Manufactured in PE, PVC or PP, dosing cabinets are used in places such as laboratories.