Submersible chemical pumps

Quadt submersible chemical pumps in the TP series are used to convey aggressive and low-viscosity fluids. Such fluids include acids, alkali solutions, solvents, seawater, purified water and much more.

All Quadt submersible industrial pumps feature dry running protection and are extremely insusceptible to fluids containing solids. They are used as feed pumps, circulator pumps, filter pumps and drainage pumps. Thanks to their resistance, they are used wherever a lower life cycle can be expected from other, conventional materials due to high corrosive loads. One particular advantage of our submersible pumps is their low maintenance requirements, which lead to lower costs, yet high efficiency.

You will also find the different submersible chemical pump designs here.

Extensive areas of use

Submersible industrial pumps can be used in a wide variety of areas. Their long service life and resistance to aggressive fluids guarantee a wide range of uses. Areas of use include:

All components which come into contact with the conveyed fluid are manufactured in high-grade thermoplastics. The standard plastic used is polypropylene (PP). The maximum operating temperature for submersible industrial pumps is +80 °C. Accessory parts can also be supplied, including suction strainers, installation flanges or immersion pipe extensions.

Extensive submersible pump range

We have also taken over and extended the entire submersible pump range supplied by the now defunct KT Kunststofftechnik GmbH, formerly based in Troisdorf.

Design features:

  • Run dry-capable since there are no bearing or seal elements in the fluid section
  • Shaft sealed by maintenance-free lip seal
  • No special motors necessary
  • Seven installation sizes with variable wheel diameters
  • Motor outputs up to 30 kW
  • Flow rates up to 240 m³/h
  • Delivery head up to 30 m WS
  • Submersion depth up to 1,500 mm

You will find detailed technical information in the download section.

A selection of our submersible chemical pumps